… even in the spaces in between

I’ve been in a little (okay a big) space in between lately

I have found that—when sitting in a space of the unknown—two main things can happen;

1. We can make ourselves feel better about it by trusting, connecting and surrendering, or…

2. We can make ourselves feel worse about it by feeding self-doubt, ruminating on fears and anxieties, and generally sinking a little, while trying desperately to keep our heads above water.

Lately, in this space in between, I’ve felt both. I know the first option is easier once you’re there (because once you surrender, you truly find your net, and your support), but sometimes, grasping it feels full of effort and uncertainty.

And therein lies the conundrum; how can we allow ourselves to feel in flow and supported, to trust what’s next, if getting there can feel hard?

Is it about connecting more? Trusting more?

Yes… and no.

It’s about connecting more deeply. Trusting more deeply. Knowing you can deepen when you already know, call in what you know you’re ready for, let go of fears and doubts, trust yourself and something greater, release self-imposed timelines, and anchor into the knowing of what is already (and always will be) true for you.

It’s about knowing there’s always a contraction before an expansion.

It’s about knowing you are safe, even in the spaces in between.

So, that’s what I’m doing (and remembering), while sitting in this space in between.

(I’m also doing things like not starting my week at my desk, but rather, by sitting outside in a cafe in the sun, drinking chai and reading, because deadlines can wait, but self-care can’t.)

If you’re in a similar space, remind yourself that you’ve done this before, and you can do this again; that there will always be another expansion of you, and that while it can feel really uncomfortable, that’s okay. You’re okay.

Keep grounding and coming back to what you know is true.

Keep looking within and not ‘without’.

Keep letting go (of expectations and self-doubt) and surrender to find your support.

Keep calling in what’s next, or something better, all in good time.

Keep remembering you are safe, even in the spaces in between.






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