Just start

I recently spoke at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop

It was the most wonderful day! (Here’s a snap!) I loved every moment of speaking on stage, meeting so many lovely people afterwards, and signing so many books. My cheeks actually hurt from smiling!

While on stage, I spoke about my publishing journey so far, and I offered up some of my best tips for writing a book (which really, can be applied to any almost any creative project you’re wishing to show up for).

I’m thinking about how else I can best share some of these tips—perhaps through a blog post, a webinar, or an audio —and once I have the answer, I’ll share it with you here.

One tip I can suggest now is: just start.

When I used to get my assignments in high school, I would go home that day and start them, in some form (even if they were due in months). Even if that just meant opening up a new Word doc and writing the title; starting was the most important part. After that, finishing was the most important part.

If overwhelm started to rear its head, I could always come back to the truth; I’d started. I was on my way. Just the simple fact that I started, that I’d showed up in some way, in some form, was something.

No one is going to hand you inspiration and creative confidence on a plate… it’s something you work on, invite in and hone, within yourself.

How do you begin to do that? By simply starting.

Today feels like a fresh start for me, in some ways. After a few weeks of going slowly and doing a little less, I’ve woken up today with the fire in my belly at full flame again. I can feel the energy surging around me again, the clarity dropping in, the awareness forming new insights and plans, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Speaking of what’s to come, I can’t say much more yet, but I’ve been invited to take part in a very exciting project in October, that’ll see me speaking at events and workshops up and down the east coast. Once I can announce this, I’ll give you all the info in case you can make it to the events.

There are a few other things brewing too, but as always, I’ll let you know what’s happening when the timing is right.

For now though, I’d love to let you know that the next round of Love What You Create is now open!

Start loving what you create

Love What You Create is my online course for healers, coaches, creatives, small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to clarify their vision, clear their overwhelm, sit down and do the work and ultimately, love what they create.

I created this course last year and it continues to be one of my favourite programs to run!

The next round is now open for enrolment and I’d so love to welcome you in, if you’re ready to let yourself love what you create.

I would love to welcome you in!

All the information is right here for you.





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