The rush you create yourself

Recently, as I sat down to begin my day, I jotted down some goals I was working on that week, in my day planner

As I finished… I had another thought, so I wrote down one more:

‘An amazing, supportive surprise.’

And I left it at that.

I wrote it down because I’d been spending so much time ‘in my head’… planning, scheduling, working on specific tasks, and I wanted to open myself up to a little magic, a little synchronicity, a little unplanned joy.

I had no expectations, only curiosity. So I wrote down my intention, and got on with my day, almost forgetting about it.

A few hours later, an amazing, supportive surprise landed in my inbox.  

It took me a minute to connect the dots, and then I burst out laughing.

I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, because I realised I’d been carrying around the (false) notion that everything I was doing, everything I was creating, everything I was working towards, was up to me, and me only.

Receiving and allowing this surprise felt like a reminder and a confirmation that I was indeed supported. I felt flushed with gratitude, and with the rush of being surprised and delighted, with no expectations.

I wanted to hold onto that moment… grasp it tight with all my might, until I realised, it’ll come again.  

It’s like I’d opened a treasure trove of trust within myself, and in the days following, several other amazing, supportive surprises landed in my inbox (and life!) and that initial rush didn’t stop.

Each time it happened, it was like the rush of a new beginning.  

Each time it happened, I was reminded of how quickly we can change our mind, shift our perspective, and elevate our energy.

Each time it happened, I was reminded to honour that flush of gratitude, that rush of a new beginning; because honouring it invites more of it in.

Honouring it reminds yourself on a very deep level that it’ll come again.

(And again. And again. And again.)

And even if or when we ask and don’t receive (yet), we can still be okay… because we can trust that whatever resources we need right now, we already have within ourselves. It’s okay if we don’t receive external confirmation or validation; in fact sometimes, the more we search for an answer outside of ourselves, the more it eludes us. 

So while we can ask for signs, symbols, and celebrations along our path… we can also open our eyes to the beauty of the rush we can create ourselves, from within, always.

It can be as simple as a breath, your hand on your heart, a pause, a moment of looking up. The beauty of the rush you can create yourself is beautiful because it’s exactly that; something you can create, without a moment’s hesitation, without a moment’s notice, without anyone else’s permission. 

So ask for a sign, sure. Receive it and allow it into your being, of course. 

But also know that you, you are a sure sign too.

You are everything you need.





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