Calling in clients like WiFi

Do you know how WiFi works?

I totally do not.

But I trust it works when I sit down at my desk (most of the time) and that it signals whatever it needs to, to work the way it does.

If you break it down, for a huge chunk of the time, I use it to send messages to help me create results in my business.

It’s kinda the same with your own energy, and what you’re radiating out to your clients.

It’s not always about knowing exactly how to call in more clients, as it is about radiating out an energy that attracts clients to you.

You could be sitting on a beach somewhere and make a sale.

You could be cooking dinner while a new client books in.

You could be watching Queer Eye while course enrolments roll in.

Not because you were doing more…

Because you were sending out energetic signals that you’re here, ready to help, available for your clients, and open to receiving them into your business.

What does calling in clients have to do with WiFi?

You don’t have to understand the how of either, to become a master of aligning your thoughts to shift to energy, to magnetise clients toward you.

You emit a signal (via changing your thoughts which changes your energy).

You call in more amazing clients into your biz.

You trust the energy you’re radiating out, and stop gaslighting yourself by telling yourself you have to be perfect or always feeling positive in order to sign more clients…

And your business changes because you understand the depths and quality of your energetic essence, versus thinking you have to do more.

Sounds like magic, right?

What if it was magical and grounded in practical thought work? What if the magic wasn’t some nebulous, out-there outcome of showing up for yourself, but something 100% in your reach, capacity and capability?

Because it is.



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