Don’t miss a chance to exhale

I remember one particular day back in 2013, when I was planning a live workshop for my biz

It was a rainy Friday morning, and I became so stuck in choosing the ‘right’ webinar software (this was way before the ease of Zoom) and it put me in an absolute spin.

I used to go to a particular Jivamukti yoga class at 12:15pm on Fridays and it was the most soothing class for me. My nervous system relished that hour like nothing else!

On this particular day, it was my favourite teacher’s final day of teaching at that studio.

So you’d assume I’d be there early, right?

Well, I missed the class.

Not by accident, or because of traffic, or because I didn’t feel well.

I missed the class on purpose… because I was SO STRESSED about the webinar software and it felt SO URGENT and I felt like I needed to find THE CORRECT ANSWER IMMEDIATELY and I DIDN’T HAVE TIME for anything else.

I watched the clock tick towards when I would usually leave. But still, I stayed glued to my screen, stressing.

I watched the clock tick towards class starting, then ending… and you know what? I was no closer to resolving my ridiculous conundrum of which software to use.

I just… wished I’d gone to yoga.

I know the answer would have come to me, if I’d stopped what I was doing, and let my body flow.

I know I would have released my grip on doing things perfectly and just done them good enough-ly.

I know my nervous system would have been settled and soothed, and in that state, my next step would have become clear.

I still think about that experience often.

I thought of it today, when I started to do something similar. I remembered missing that beautiful, healing class, with that beautiful, healing pause I so deeply cherished (and needed).

It’s a reminder to me, still, years later, to step back from the race of my brain, to soothe my nervous system, and to never miss a chance to exhale just so I can keep holding my breath instead.

Einstein said it best when he said (and I’m paraphrasing here)…

You can’t find a solution to your problem when you’re in the same energy you were in when the problem was created.

So take a step back, pause, breathe, rest, move your body, and trust the answer you need will drop in, when your body feels safe and your mind has some space.



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