Your sole work isn’t always your soul work

Just because you’re good at something in your business, and possibly even love doing it, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it 

I was a really good naturopath. I helped my clients every day, in multiple ways. I loved focusing solely on naturopathy until… I didn’t.  

(I still love so many elements of it, and of course I love my herbs and witchy tonics, but doing it as my sole work is not my soul work anymore.) 

You can love something and let it go.  

You’re allowed to change your mind. 

You’re allowed to do new things.  

You’re allowed to change your niche, your focus, your path.  

And not only are you allowed to, but to stay in integrity so that you can be the most magnetic, clear and radiant coach, healer and creative, aren’t you kind of required to?  

Your sole work isn’t always your soul work. 

If you want to be an example of what’s possible, it starts with you.  

And often, beginnings start at the end of something else. 



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