You can too

A little while ago, an idea for a children’s book came to me

I emailed a friend of mine who knew a children’s book publisher, and she put me in touch with someone.

Excitedly, nervously, I emailed this woman… and she replied saying she’d love to hear my idea, and see some of the work. I replied quickly with more of my idea, and she replied even faster, saying she loved it and to send it through when I’d worked on it a bit more.

In a flash of inspiration and intuition, a different idea came through to me, one that was already fully formed.

So in my next reply, I sent her that piece too, saying I’d also work on the first idea… but in the meantime, what did she think of this?



No reply.

Not a word.

I waited one week, and then another. I emailed to check in. After all, our initial conversation had consisted of emails going back and forth faster than a tennis match.

And still… nothing.

My heart was sad, my mind confused, my ego bruised.

I wondered: If she loved my first idea that much, but hated my second, couldn’t she at least give me a chance?

I knew with the right opportunity, I could show her that my idea was worthy of sitting on the shelves.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that actually, it didn’t matter what she thought.

She was one publisher at one publishing house on one street in one city in this whole, huge world.

And I was one writer… with that same whole, huge world in front of me.

I decided to pick myself, choose myself, back myself… and while the children’s book idea has been put on the backburner for now, I know I’m not done with it. I know that by choosing myself, backing my idea, and doing the work, I can make magic with this idea.

And I know you can too.

I know you can pick yourself, choose yourself and back yourself, and I know you can make magic with your ideas too. (Whether that’s for a book, a business or anything else you’re creating.)

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