‘The most boring book’

Somewhere in the world, is a woman named Agnes

Agnes hates my second book, It’s All Good.

Agnes thinks it’s ‘The most boring book in this category.’

She gives it one star, and does not recommend it to a friend.

She thinks that ‘the entire book could be written in 2 pages.’

Oh, Agnes.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this, instead of telling you about all the five star reviews my books get.

You’re probably wondering why I’m giving Agnes any air time at all; why I’m being so honest about the fact that not everyone in the whole entire world likes my writing (gasp!); or why I’m sharing something that could alter your perception of me and my work.

I’m telling you about Agnes because we all fear the Agnes’ of the world, and never more so than when we put our thoughts onto the page, and put those pages out into the world.

I’m telling you about Agnes because she is probably such a lovely woman. She just didn’t like my book. No hard feelings!

There are lots of books, shows, movies, songs, magazines, restaurants, cafes, blogs, websites (I could go on…) that I don’t love. Thankfully, the creators of all of those don’t stop making just because I didn’t love what they produced.

One star reviews will never stop me from writing.

Likewise, I don’t want your fear to stop you from doing the work you need to do, the work you’re called to do, the work you simply must do.

I don’t want the idea of Agnes and her review to stop you from writing the book you want to write.

Sure, there might be an Agnes or two who’ll read it and not enjoy it… but the good news is that there are lots of other books in the world that Agnes might love. It’s okay if she doesn’t like yours.

You still wrote it!

And by writing it, you got to heal a deep part of yourself.

You got to connect with your greater, bigger, beautiful vision.

You got to carve out time and space to call your thoughts from somewhere deep inside and high above, and put them into form on the page.

You got to drink a lot of tea.

You got to show up for yourself, your dreams, and your purpose.

And after all of that?

You get to say: ‘I did it! I wrote my book.’

And then… the people who need to read it, who need it to heal, who need it to empower themselves, who need it to support and lift themselves up, who need it to see what’s possible… they get to read it.

You get to go to sleep at night and remind yourself that you wrote your book.

You wrote your book.

You wrote your book.

And nothing can take that away from you.

Not even a one star review.

But only if you’ll give yourself permission to do the work that lights you up, sending love to yourself, your future readers, and yep, your (potential) future one-star-reviewers and all.

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P.S. Here’s Agnes’ book review on Booktopia if you want to read the whole thing. Underneath it, you’ll see the four and five star reviews too. Because that’s what happens when you do the work that lights you up; you call in the people who need it most.


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