When you want to do a million things at once

Here’s what I do when I want to do a million things at once and don’t know where to start…


I do nothing.

Well, I do nothing insofar as I don’t take any action… yet.

Taking action when you want to do a million things is HARD WORK my friends.

So instead…

I look at the options available to me. I get them down. I let them come up for air. I get them out of my mind and onto paper.

I ask my biz, body and guidance for help. Can they support a clear decision making process? Can they drop info in as it’s ready and available? Can they let me know when the next step is clear?

And then I go about my day, my week, taking note of what drops in, and calming any wheels that try spin in my mind while this is all being figured out in the background.

Yes, sometimes taking action through the confusion does help to bring about more clarity. I don’t always ‘wait’ for the answer to drop in, like magic.

But I also know that forcing an answer doesn’t feel good. It’s usually based in fear, scarcity and a slight *panic* and, to be honest, it doesn’t actually speed up my process.

But grounding myself, asking for support, and TRUSTING myself to take action at the perfect time (which is a belief I choose to believe) works like magic.

A real life example:

I’ve had a ton of ideas for workshops and programs drop in over the last couple of weeks.

I can do them all. Just not all at once.

They each also have lots of options to clarify and decide upon. (Pricing, timing, length etc.) There’s no way to do it wrong, but I also don’t feel like making some of the decisions yet.

So I asked my biz, body and guidance.

I asked my biz: Can you please work on the details? Can you drop the info in when it’s ready? Thank you.

I asked my body: Can you please guide me towards which offerings feels like the most fun for right now? (Even if it doesn’t ‘make sense.’) Thank you.

I asked my guidance: Can you please extend the energy of my biz out and out and out, and help me call in the humans who’ll love this offering, the most? Thank you.

I know there’ll be a point when I take action on what’s come through. I also just know it’s not… this minute.

I know how to sit in this un-hurried, non-forcing void without making it mean anything is wrong here (or with me).

Give yourself a little more space if you need it. Take yourself off the clock.

You’re not doing this alone.

You don’t have to rush.

You can do it all (well, at least, A LOT) but probably not all at once.

You have so much support available to you.

Your people will wait for your work.

Your pace fits your purpose.

You are always right on time when you trust YOUR timeline.

Also: You’re doing an amazing job.



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