Calling in more clients

If you are not calling in the clients you really want to work with, you are not speaking to the clients really want to work with.

Tune into the energy of the client that you most deeply want to be in a coaching relationship with.

I’m not talking about how old they are, where they live, or which Insta accounts they scroll through.

I am not talking about the demographics.


I am talking about their energy, your energetic congruency, the values they hold and want to deepen, the dreams that they hold in their hearts that you can help them get closer to (and then live in and with and through), the way they are showing up in the world and the way they want to show up in the world, and the kind of person they are.

Hold this alongside:

  • The readiness they hold to work with you.
  • The readiness you hold to receive them into your biz.

(And add in a dash of: The certainty and solidity you feel in your own value, gifts and magic.)

Sit with them energetically.

Welcome them into your business.

Believe that they exist, and that they are looking for you.

And then write and speak and show up for them and do not fall off your chair in surprise when they reach out to work with you, ‘out of the blue.’


P.S. Let’s do this work, of calling in more clients into your beautiful biz, together. Learn more here.


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