When you need the money…

‘I need the money more than you need the discount.’ 

This is a thought I had, years ago, when I was quite new in my biz. A client asked for a discount out of the blue, and I fumbled for a moment.  

Should I give them a discount? I weighed up what I was feeling in my body, and it was a strong no. 

It wasn’t that I had anything against giving discounts (and I still don’t).  

It wasn’t that I felt like I had to say yes (or even wanted to) because the person was in financial difficulty. (I happen to know they weren’t, at all, but that’s beside the point.) 

It’s because my belief in my value was so strong and I was building my business and every dollar mattered.  

Every dollar mattered because I had invested so much in myself, my training, and my biz.

Every dollar mattered because my belief in myself was too strong to say yes just because someone was trying their luck by asking for a lower price.

I was reminded of this just today when selling something on Facebook marketplace and I was asked ‘What’s your best price?’  

My response was ‘This is my best price’ as in, the price I’m advertising at. 

There are lots of times when it’s amazing to barter, negotiate, offer discounts, and even work for free. 

And there are lots of times when it’s amazing to hold firm, steady and loving on your price.  

The only way to tell the difference is to listen to your body and to do what feels good to you.  

There’s no right or wrong.  

And sometimes, it’s okay to admit that you need the money more than the other person needs the discount.  




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