Here’s what you’re really thinking…

Ever thought to yourself ‘Clients will think I’m too expensive’?


What I’ve learned is that what’s underneath that thought (and thoughts like it) is actually that you think you’re too expensive. 

‘People will be confused if I sell that’ = You feel confused selling that. 

‘People aren’t buying tickets because the workshop is too long’ = You think the workshop is too long. 

‘Clients probably want a shorter program’ = You don’t feel comfortable selling a longer program. 

Whenever you hear yourself saying ‘Clients/people will think/feel’… lovingly catch yourself and ask… ‘What am I thinking or feeling?’ 

Here lies what’s really being radiated out in your biz. 

Here lies the gaps you want to bridge, to create bigger results. 

And to create bigger results in your biz, you have to look inwards first. 

It starts with you and how deeply you believe in yourself, your offer and your value.

So next time you think ‘Clients will think I’m too expensive’, ask yourself who do you have to be to receive this money for the value you provide? And… how are you already embodying this? (As in, how can you already receive this?)

Next time you think ‘People will be confused if I sell that’, ask yourself how you can simplify what you’re offering, so it feels clear and congruent for you first.

If you think ‘People aren’t buying tickets because the workshop is too long’, sell yourself on the insane value your workshop is providing, and allow the length of the workshop to be the least important aspect of it. 

And similarly, if you ever think ‘Clients probably want a shorter program’, sell yourself on the program first. When you are sold on it, it’s easy to sell.

What you really believe about yourself and your offer is what’s being communicated through your words, energy and actions.

So… the next time you think ‘Clients will think this! People will think that!’ tune in…

… and don’t miss this chance to lovingly change what you’re reflecting out, by lovingly changing what’s going on, within.



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