Want to work with more amazing clients?

Without using this against yourself… know that you call clients in in the numbers your energetic capacity and nervous system can safely hold.

So if you want to work with more clients… it’s so important that this new number feels manageable for you.

Before we can expand, we have to be able to hold.

This means:

  • Establishing a sense of safety and security within your system that (ironically) isn’t dependent on numbers. (E.g. you don’t feel safer with more or less clients… you feel safe BECAUSE. Full stop.)
  • Making actual space in your life, e.g. is your calendar open and ready to go? Are you someone who likes a tidy desk or workspace in order to work? Do you need to move personal appointments to other days and keep client days for, erm, clients?
  • Creating room for expansion in your body. I do this by doing energy balances on myself (enter: my Belief Balance cards!), Emotional Stress Release (a kinesiology balance), journalling, breath work, energetic essences, oils and sprays, walking, nature time, and time to dream and visualise without agenda.
  • Reminding yourself that you are who your clients are looking for. IT’S YOU.

And then? Tell your people, with love and consistency, how to work with you.

Yes, you need to invite clients into your biz with outer actions after taking the inner actions of creating capacity and safety… and then you must remind them of your work, again and again. ✨

And again.

And again.

And again.

Not because it didn’t work the first time… but because each time you do—each time you show up and invite a client to say yes in some way, whether they do in that moment, or the next—you create new opportunities for your people to say yes to you.

You get better and better at inviting clients into your work and wisdom.

You get better and better at knowing how to turn the energetic taps on and off. (As in, you can decide when you want to sign clients, and then sign clients… and decide when you’re fully booked, and take a break from signing clients. You can do this. I do this. My clients do this. And P.S. I teach you how in my mastermind.)

And you’re here for the long-term right? So showing up and reminding your clients of your magic and medicine, your gifts and genius, is something you have to build into your biz… because it’s how you build your biz.

It’s the start of your clients’ journeys with you. And it can be light on your system…

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