Start trusting (it’s worth it)

I’ve never had to trust so much, as I did last year


This had to do with so many things, but mostly because I took such a big leap in my business, on a few different levels, and sometimes the only thread that wove things together was a tiny sliver of trust.

Last year, I came across this quote by author Kate Northrup, that brought tears to my eyes, and I wanted to share it with you.

“May we also trust that what we desire is on our way to us, even if the physical evidence appears to the contrary.”

Why did I tear up?

I teared up because there were times last year, where I thought I’d run out of trust.

That’s because creating my (now retired) Heartfelt Harmony Society, and the 100,000 + words, and videos, audios and worksheets of the courses and guides, was one of the most challenging and incredible and exciting and stimulating ventures of my business’ life so far.

The process called on everything I had, and I offered it all up… gladly and wholeheartedly, with barely any questions asked.

I had to trust SO much.

I had to trust I was writing the right things.

I had to trust I was choosing the right things, and making the right decisions.

I had to trust I was going in the right direction.

I had to trust that my all was enough. 

But when I say it called on everything, I mean it called on everything… and so a little while between finishing the writing of my courses and guides and launching, I told a friend that my trust barrel felt empty.

I was out of trust.

Being out of trust was an unsettling place to be; it didn’t sit well with me, yet I felt like I couldn’t refill myself with this precious commodity that had helped me get so far.

Until I realised something… 

I wasn’t out of trust, I just wasn’t tapping into it enough.

Yes I’d tapped into my inner guide’s trust on a very deep level (that tends to happen when you put your heart, soul and more into such a huge project), but the kind of trust I needed to call on ran even deeper than that; it ran even deeper than me.

I had to tap into myself and the universal wellspring of trust.

This meant it stopped being about me, and started to become about something greater than myself.

It wasn’t effortless, but it was worth it.


So after getting a little emotional from reading the quote above, and after realising that we can tap into a deep, great, endless universal well of trust, here’s my new truth that I want to share with you…

We can never run out of trust. Trust is infinite, it’s endless, it’s deep, it’s safe.

It’s infinite because we can’t scrape the bottom of our trust barrel. We never need to; the barrel is endless, deep, bottomless, and yet always full.

Trusting is safe; it helps us expand, and leap so far we can’t even tell if there is another side to land on. (Whether or not that “leap” is off a little curb or something higher!)

Trusting doesn’t mean taking risks from a space of overwhelm, confusion or panic.

It means making measured, calm and aligned decisions, even though you can’t be sure what the outcome will be.

We trust, because the alternative is not trusting, and that’s not a space in which I want to live.

It’s not a space in which I want you to live either.


Trusting doesn’t mean you attach to an outcome

During the months of creating my Heartfelt Harmony Society, there were moments where I couldn’t see how it would all turn out, but I kept writing anyway.

There were many times where I worried that what I desired wouldn’t come to me; finishing my writing, upgrading my systems (that wasn’t effortless either, but it was worth it), showing up and stepping up in a new way, completing work within tight deadlines so my team could carry on with their jobs, making decisions, and then making more decisions, and then simplifying, clarifying, planning and developing.

All through the creation of this huge project, I had to trust. I was reminded that even through all those moments of feeling like no progress was being made, progress was being made.


You can trust too

You can trust by being honest with yourself and the people around you. Scared? Tell them so. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to allay your fears and connect you with universal trust again.

Worried? Let it out, and let it go.

Feeling stuck? You can let go and flow by trusting.

You can trust by connecting to guidance, by ensuring you’re looking after yourself on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), and by keeping your energy clear, aligned and balanced through powerful intentions, energy healing, clean food, movement, meditation, creativity, sleep and rest.

You can trust by committing to live in emotional harmony, where deep trust (of your inner guide, your higher self, and the universe) comes easily, naturally, and while it may not be completely effortless… it’s certainly completely worth it.

I’d love to know, how do you fill your ‘trust barrel’?

What would you be able to do that you feel you can’t do now, if you simply trusted more?



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