Not fully booked?

It’s okay to not be fully booked

It’s okay to not sell out your workshop.

It’s okay to not hit a sales goal.

It’s okay to not fill up your program.

It’s okay to receive a ‘no thank you’ email.

It’s okay to not sign a client on a call.

It’s okay to want something with half your brain… but want something else with the other half…

Like the space you get when you aren’t fully booked… and the lessons you can learn about yourself when you don’t fill the courses and programs and workshops… about how you’re allowed to want more AND be content with what you have right now.

About how wanting more while trusting in the enoughness of today is how you pave the way for more… instead of wanting more because you think you don’t have enough right now.

What if the exact amount of clients you have right now is the exact amount of clients you need right now?

What if the exact amount of money you have right now is all the money you need right now?

What if the person you are when you don’t sell out is exactly who you need to accept and love in order to sell out later?

What if there was nothing wrong?

Who are you and how do you show up in your business when nothing is wrong?

What changes inside you, on a cellular and energetic level when you really trust there’s nothing wrong?

Answering those questions could change everything…

… because perhaps your answers will show you that nothing needs to change except how you see yourself, and all the wonderful things you’re already doing.

Maybe that’s all you need right now.



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