What if nothing is wrong?

One of my favourite questions to ask myself in my business is ‘What if nothing is wrong?’

You can apply it everywhere, and it creates startling self-compassion, and a deep exhale.

As in… you didn’t make the sale? Okay. What if nothing is wrong with not making the sale?

You didn’t make your deadline, reach your goal, finish the work, show up ‘enough’ or get the result you wanted?

What if nothing is wrong, with any of that?

What if you allowed space for compassion to soften the edges of your criticism? For an exhale to bridge the gap between where you want to be, and where you are? What if the medicine you need is to look at where you are, with loving eyes and to go softly with yourself?

If nothing is wrong, then there’s no reason to berate yourself.

And if you don’t berate yourself, what do you do instead?

You keep going.

You keep showing up.

You keep experimenting.

You keep finding what works for you (by finding what doesn’t work).

You keep your head and heart in the game, for the long-run… because your work deserves that, doesn’t it?

If you don’t criticise yourself, you get to think intentional thoughts about what you’re creating. And when you do that, you change how you feel.

Failure turns into freedom, flow and fun.

Criticism turns into creativity.

Overwhelm to openness.

Chaos to calm.

When you change how you feel, then you make space for insights to drop in; for your next step to become clear.

And all you need is the one next step.

With that next step, you begin to radiate out what you’re calling in.

With that radiance, you step into momentum.

And with that momentum, everything is possible again.

And all because… nothing is wrong.




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