Love what you create (plus an invitation to my workshop)

When I was writing my first ebook, I got incredibly stuck, just a few weeks in


I was so overwhelmed by other people’s work that I stopped valuing my own voice.

I was pushing myself to do work that didn’t feel like me, and I was pushing myself to do work when I was actually exhausted.

I wasn’t honouring the natural rhythms and cycles of my creativity.

I was getting confused between the idea of “pushing through resistance” and “pushing through exhaustion”. (They are very different, and if you ever ‘create’ anything in your business or life – and we all do – if you identify as being a creative, or a writer, or an entrepreneur, then you must discern the difference.)

As a recovering perfectionist, it was hard to drag myself away from the idea that my work had to be ‘perfect’ before it could be released. It was overwhelming to see the ‘end result’ when I felt so far from the beginning.


One day, I realised that if I wanted to step up in my business and life, I had to drop the creative comparison, let go of my procrastinating perfectionism and just sit down, and create

I started doing less of the things that didn’t matter, and more of the things that (really) did.

I stopped comparing myself, my voice, and my work to others… and started valuing myself, my muse, and my creativity completely.

I honoured my creativity and deepened my creative self-confidence.

I let myself release my creativity whether I thought it was ‘perfect’ or not.

The difference in my work, creativity and levels of joy?


I could finally write from my heart and soul, without worrying about what other people would think of me. I could finally make space for my creativity to show up, and honour it (fiercely). I could finally do what I knew I was meant to do; write and create. In fact, I was finally able to call myself a writer. (Stepping into that identity felt huge to me, and was only possible when I stopped comparing my work to others’ work.)


Now, I’d love to share some of these insights (on writing, creativity, productivity and and creative self-confidence) with you.

If you’ve got a hankering to sit down and make something beautiful, I’d love to invite you to my workshop, Love What You Create.

This workshop is all about starting your thing (or finishing it) – think your book, blog, or some other creative project – tapping into your creativity, letting go of ‘creative’ comparison (the thought of “Ah, she made something better than me!”) clearing overwhelm and ultimately, loving what you create. 

We’ll be talking all things creating, writing, the art of sitting down to ‘do the work’, busting through resistance, clearing overwhelm, plus we’ll be doing art and tapping into the infinite well of self-worth and creativity that lives in us, through discussions, worksheets and the power of connection, community and… raw chocolate.

It’s time to love what you create.

Let go of the creative comparison, drop the procrastinating perfectionism, find your creative flow, tune into your body’s energy and intuition, and make something beautiful.




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