Simple ways to boost your self-confidence

Do you ever feel you need a confidence boost?


Of course, it’s so natural to go through periods where your self-confidence or self-esteem feels like it’s taking a bit of a battering. So of course, wanting a boost of confidence is something many of us may resonate with.

Clients will often tell me how hard they’re being on themselves during periods of low self-confidence, which often just makes one feel even less confident, right?

To me, self-confidence has a lot to do with knowing you’re enough, that you’re doing enough, and that there is enough for you.

In this post, I’ll take you through some simple mindset shifts and tools that may help you increase your self-confidence.


When our self-confidence wavers, we may feel:

  • More fearful of the future
  • Worried about what others are thinking of us
  • More likely to compare ourselves to others more
  • Too nervous to make decisions, worried we won’t make the right ones


We may also stop trusting ourselves and our intuition.

In fact, I find so many of my clients who come to me with low self-confidence tell me they doubt their intuition, yet the truth is when you feel fully connected to yourself, fully confident in who you are, you’d never doubt your intuition because it would be this strong, guiding light that reminds you that you’re on the right track, and that you are indeed, enough exactly as you are.


Our self-confidence can waver when:

  • We’re too tired; pushing ourselves and putting ourselves down in the process. Common mindset: “I’m never doing enough”
  • We compare ourselves to others in a never-ending cycle of guilt, grief and lack. Common mindset: “I’ll never have what she has”
  • We don’t create and assert clear, healthy boundaries with love. Common mindset: “I’m such a pushover, no one ever sees or hears me


In sessions with my clients, the solar plexus chakra also comes a lot in relation to self-confidence. I talk about the chakras and how to cleanse them for optimal health and self-confidence in my book, You Are Enough, and I offer chakra-cleansing meditations on my Shop.

Importantly… don’t give yourself a hard time if you’re going through a period of low-self confidence.

Being kind to yourself in this moment/period of your life is the most important first step to increasing your confidence.

I don’t have a “step-by-step” formula to increase your self-confidence because increasing your confidence isn’t a linear process, with a beginning, middle and end.


However, increasing your self-confidence does start with self-compassion, kindness and gentleness.

  • If you feel like you aren’t doing enough, this is often a strong sign you’re doing way too much. Take a big step back, re-energise yourself, get clear on your priorities and self-care and trust you’re always doing what needs to be done, and that you have enough time to do the important things.
  • If you’re focused on the ‘lack’ in your life, spend some time doing something that makes you feel abundant, focusing on what you do have in your life, and reminding yourself that there’s enough for you. The most important person to help shift you out of a sense of lack is… you!

Support may come in the form of affirmations, journalling, meditation, shaking up your usual routine to find a new sense of joy and abundance in your day, exercising, quality solo time and of course, support from others too, kinesiology, as well as from books, meditations, and other healing therapies. When you shift your mindset and start believing that there’s enough for you too, that’s when the real magic happens. If you need a little extra support, here are some tips on how to find your momentum again.

If you’re worried that your boundaries aren’t strong, firm and clear, read this post on protecting your energy. Set your energetic boundaries by stating them to yourself, and believing you are worthy of backing yourself.

You may also like to try using oracle cards, getting out of your head and back into your body with yoga and exercise, going to lie in a beautiful park for an hour with no distractions, some journalling to tune into emotional harmony, and a big dose of patience and trust.

Those things may sound simple, but sometimes simplicity is best, right?

A sweet side serving of kinesiology alignments and healing sessions could also be so helpful.

And always remember: you are enough!




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