It’s been here all along

I know you probably want so many things in your life and biz right now… but what if now was enough? 

What if here is perfect?

What if everything you have, is everything you need?

When you can find sufficiency now, you can find it again and again and again.

And when you find it again, you ask it to stay. And it does. Because you become a safer place to be, for yourself, your clients, and everything you’re calling in.

When you feel sufficient, you step away from proving yourself.

And that’s a great thing, because your success doesn’t need to be proven; not to yourself, your clients, or your future self.

(Also future you already knows how successful you are.)

Your success already exists and every time you try prove yourself, you stop seeing it.

You don’t look for it in the cracks in between comparison or overwhelm or envy. You miss it when you’re scrolling past everyone else’s life and biz.

You step over it when you’re thinking ‘this isn’t working’ and you walk right past it when you wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.

The truth is… it’s everywhere in your biz, and you’ll see it as soon as you stop trying to prove it exists.

When you stop proving your success, you do things differently. You let go of grasping for it. 

The energy around you, behind you and inside you changes… which makes the path ahead that much clearer.

You’ll walk smack bang into it as soon as you look for evidence of everything that has worked, of everything that has brought magic, and of everything that is medicine to you and your clients.

You’ll see it glinting out of the corner of your eye when you stop telling yourself that you just need to work harder, that you just need to post more, or that you just need to find the One Right Way to do your next thing.

And when you remember that perfection isn’t a prerequisite for LITERALLY ANYTHING in your biz, you’ll find it by the bucket loads.

And then you’ll see… it’s been here all along. And there’s more coming. And you’re worthy of it all. 





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