If you did none of this

If you don’t add a single new tool to your toolkit, you’ll still be an incredible healer, coach and creative

If you don’t do a ton more research before taking action, you’ll still be an incredible healer, coach and creative. 

If you don’t finish your website…

If you don’t create reels…

If you don’t do an Instagram live…

If you don’t get the numbers you wanted…

If you don’t get the engagement you wanted…

If your confidence is waning…

If you’re feeling stuck in lack or scarcity…

If you’re judging yourself for a past failure or mistake…

If you’re worried about the future…

If you think you need to be more than exactly who you are right now…

… you’re still an incredible healer, coach and creative. 

You’re allowed to be amazing at what you do, and also be a messy, real, imperfect human.

No one is looking for perfection.

(Tell yourself that again, because it’s true.)

Your clients don’t want you to be Insta-perfect. 

They want to know you’ve been where they are right now, that you’ve felt what they’ve felt (and likely still feel it on varying levels, because we’re always deepening our own work), and that you can help them, because that’s what you’re so good at.

To help your clients create more of what they want and get closer to where they want to be, you simply need to be all of yourself, and help them see all of themselves.

Because your clients don’t care about exactly what you do… they care about how you can help them. 

And you helping them has nothing to do with a bigger to do list, a fancy finished website, the perfect logo, another technique added to your toolkit, or a perfectly curated Instagram feed…

… it’s about how deeply, strongly and truly you believe in yourself.

(Oh and if you don’t always believe in yourself but you truly believe in your clients, that’s okay; we so often need our own medicine.)

If you don’t do a thousand things this year but you believe in yourself more deeply, everything will change for you. 

You’ll magnetise, amplify and attract what you’re working towards. 



P.S. Let’s work together to help you step into another level of belief, impact and joy. (It feels good, I can tell you.)


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