How alignment is belief

While resting recently, I realised something…

Alignment is another word for belief.

(Oh the magic of what drops in, in the spaces in between.)

For me at least… but maybe for you too?

When I’m in alignment, I’m simply in deep belief.

Does being in alignment feel like being in deep belief for you too?

Deep belief in yourself, who you are, how you show up, what you’re meant for, and how you’re moving towards it/letting it flow to you.

Deep belief in your own capacity to recalibrate to new levels of success, impact and joy.

Deep belief in your innate value.

Deep belief in your ability to adapt, pivot and process big feelings and hard things.

Deep belief in your ability to get things done and rest.

Deep belief in your ability to call in amazing clients, opportunities and money.

Deep belief in your ability and capacity to create and share your gifts with the world.

Alignment is my jam… but belief is the cream on top.

(Somehow this has become about scones, but I’m here for it.)

So next time you feel out of ‘alignment’, adjust your focus a bit and ask yourself, ‘Where am I siting outside of my self-belief? Where are my gaps in my belief? What would self-belief feel like right now?’

If the answers to those question fill the gaps in your belief with more flow, then you’re onto something, my friend.

That’s where your work is.



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