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How to use crystals to become more intuitive

Tapping into our intuition is easier than you may think

We are all intuitive beings, and we can all use our intuition to guide us each and every day.

Whether it’s guiding us on which route to take to work, where to invest our time, money and energy, who to hang out with, which new job to pursue or which salad to pick at the cafe, we are all capable of using our intuition to benefit and improve our lives.

There are so many ways we can tap into and deepen our deepen spirituality and intuition, and one of my favourite ways is through working with crystals.

I never used to think I would be ‘into’ crystals. I’m the daughter of a diamond merchant so semi precious jewels have actually always been a part of my life… but more for aesthetics than for energy and healing.

I now love discovering and honouring this side of myself, and I hope you’ll be able to as well (because it’s fun, healing AND pretty. Triple win.)

Here’s the process I use to cleanse, program and work with my crystals:


1. Choose your crystal

There are a few ways I’ll know if I need to be working with a certain crystal.

Sometimes I’ll just get this feeling that I need it (which isn’t the same as that feeling you get when you need those shoes… but it’s similar) through either seeing it somewhere or being drawn to a certain emotional energy through my kinesiology work.

If I know I’m wanting to shift a certain energy or set a certain intention, I’ll seek out crystals that work with this energy. For example, amethyst is a beautiful stone for deepening our intuition, so if I’m working on a new project or writing a blog post that calls on using my intuition, I may keep my amethyst cluster nearby, or hold it in a meditation for several minutes before beginning the project each morning.

I also work with the Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards in my clinic, so if I pull a card for myself I may get a gut feeling that I need to either take it as liquid essence or to work with the actual crystal.


The crystals I’m currently working with are:

  • Pyrite (pictured) – to protect against negative energy, clear emotions via the solar plexus, and increase memory and life force. It’s like the energetic sparks of crystals.
  • Green calcite (pictured) – to strengthen my heart chakra and help create new pathways forward.
  • Smoky quartz (pictured) – to ground my energy.
  • Amethyst – to deepen my intuition.


Where I get my crystals from:

In the past I’ve bought a lot of my crystals from the amazing The Little Sage.

I’ve also bought some from an amazing street stall I happened upon in San Francisco (see the last pic in this post) and online. When I buy crystals online, if I can see the specific cluster or crystal then I get a feel for it instantly. If I’m just buying a box of crystals (like what I did in the pic below) then I’m happy to just purchase a whole box.


2. Cleanse your crystal

There are a few ways to cleanse crystals. We do this to release it of any energy it may be carrying from previous owners, storage or travel.

As soon as I receive my new crystal, I run it under purified water (from the water filter in our sink) and set the intention that it’ll release any energies it’s carrying from previous owners or handlers.

You can also wash your crystals in the ocean (although not all crystals work well with sea water!) or white sage your crystals.

You could do a combination of these things. I also like to leave them outside under a full moon (as I did in the pic above – plus they got rained on for some extra cleansing) to help them let go of any old energy, and sometimes during a new moon where I’ll set new intentions for the month ahead.

Most importantly, it’s all about your intention.


3. Program your crystal

Hold the crystal in your hands, sit down for a little meditation and set the intention this crystal is now 100% completely free of anyone else’s energy, and is now yours and carrying an energy, intention or purpose that’ll serve your highest good.
You may also program your crystal depending on what’s going on for you and what the crystal’s energy is holding.

For instance, citrine is known as a stone that holds the energy of abundance, so you may program a citrine cluster with the intention that it’ll support you in being 100% aligned to receiving and giving abundance with ease.


4. Work with your crystal

Now that your crystal is cleansed and programmed, it’s ready for you to work with.

All this means is using your crystal in whichever way feels right to you.

You may wear it as jewellery, you may hold it during a meditation, or you might like to put it on your yoga mat during a juicy flow class, sleep with it on your bedside table, or create an intuitive crystal grid.

(Here’s an example of a crystal grid from my friend and one of my own healers, Sara Brooke.)

You may keep it on your work desk as you write and create your next big project to help the creative flow keep flowing.

You might put it in certain corners of your home or just put them somewhere in your home that feels nice to you.

The whole point of working with crystals is that you follow your intuition when working with them.

They’re energetic, they’re beautiful, they’re here to help you feel more grounded, settled, inspired, creative and protected (and so much more!) in whichever way feels right to you.


Using your crystal to become more intuitive

Okay here’s the thing about intuition and crystals…

You can use your crystals however you wish. Ha! Oh the possibilities. That’s the beauty of following your intuition; you’ll always be led down the right path, so listen, follow, trust.

I know for myself, sometimes just selecting the right crystal makes me feel so much more in touch and in tune with my intuition. When I hold the appropriate crystal in my hand, after it’s been cleansed and programmed, it feels amazing.

I will often just keep certain crystals close to me while I’m working, writing, resting or travelling. I hold them, or rub my thumb over them while setting new intentions, or just absorb some of their beautiful energy. There’s no wrong way to work with your crystals. There’s no wrong way to start listening to your intuition and following its lead.

When you feel blocked, or unable to listen, I suggest getting out of your head and into your body again.

Move from a head space, into a heart space.

Do a chakra dance (search tunes on Spotify and have some fun with it!), go to yoga, walk by the ocean, barefoot on the grass, through a snowy forest trail. Get outside and get out of your house, if you’ve been home for too long.

The more ‘head based’ your thinking is, the harder it is to listen to your intuition.

But the first thing I’d love you to start doing?

Start trusting yourself, and trust you’ll use your crystals in the right way, to benefit your highest self. Always.

And then go with the flow… choose your crystal, cleanse it, program it, start working with it, and see how things flow from there.


You can also cleanse + program your crystals at specific times of the year, or for special events

I love to do this at the new moon (the perfect time to manifest and set intentions) and at the full moon (the perfect time to let go of old stuff).

Leaving your crystals outside under the light of a full moon (and preferably on some grass, dirt or the natural earth/ground) is powerful. This powers it up with beautiful, calming yin (feminine) energy.

To re-charge up your crystals with more action-based yang energy (masculine), leave them out in the sunshine for a little while.




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