Letting go of undreamy dreams

I recently let go of a dream that wasn’t feeling very dreamy anymore

And it felt… amazing.

That wasn’t what I expected.

I expected there’d be tears, hair pulling, a slight panic, a sense of mourning, perhaps even self-pity that I was letting a dream go, and wasn’t I good enough to chase it for longer?

Of course, that was my dramatic ego sensationalising errrythang.

The real me was all like Ah, sweet, sweet, blissful, gorgeous relief. Gimme more. Saying no feels like a thousand times yes when it feels this good.

I knew I had to let go of this dream when I was putting off making it happen, and I’m not usually a putter-offerer. I was delayed in making decisions, I ummed and ahhed. I went back and forth. I told myself I just needed another week, and then I’d get to it. But the thought of getting to it made me uneasy and yet I still didn’t realise why.

Until late one evening, speaking to my hubby, and he (lawyer, devil’s advocate) said, ‘So… why are you doing this again? what would happen if you didn’t do this? Will it make such a huge difference in your life?’ 

And I realised, slowly at first and then quickly all at once; the best difference in my life would only have space to manifest if I didn’t follow this dream.

And so, I thought about it for a moment more, and then the real, true, much-needed answer came to the surface. It said letting go was the very very very best thing I could do. And even though I’m a good sleeper, I slept even better that night.

What’s your undreamy dream?

Why are you still holding on?

Before we let go of dreams, we think we’ll be disadvantaged for doing so. But it’s actually when we chase the dreams that we don’t need to be chasing that we block ourselves. We chase down things we don’t even want because we used to think they looked shinier, brighter, better and we haven’t yet realised we now want something different.

And yes, letting go feels hard sometimes.

But it’s actually the letting go that makes our lives shinier, brighter, better… because we instantly create that much more space for what we not only truly desire, but also to that which we deeply want to be aligned, and don’t feel good enough yet.

Sometimes we chase a dream because we think we’re not good enough to not chase it. We think that dream will make us more recognised, elevated, higher, more accomplished.

But it’s when we recognise what we truly want – and don’t want – that we elevate ourselves and our potential.

So let me ask you again….

What’s your undreamy dream?

Why are you still holding on?

And then if or when you let go… what else will have space to rush in? Perhaps, you want that more. Perhaps what you’re chasing in your dream is what’ll come to you when you let the dream go. I know it did for me.

What’s your undreamy dream? How would it really feel to let it go?

Speaking of dreams… one of mine is coming true right in front of my eyes

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