Grow towards the light: lessons from a leaf on strength and adaptability

A little while ago I was walking down our sunny tree-lined street with my hubby

I saw this beautiful thin tree branch hanging so low from its tree that it was almost in our reach.

We had to walk around it, and as we did I commented that it looked weak, like it was about to break off.

I couldn’t understand why it was so far from the other branches, or why it was growing at such an angle.

My hubby replied, ‘Oh no, it’s not weak. It’s strong. It’s worked out how to grow to find the most sunlight. It’s adapting.’

This was (somewhat randomly), a real uh-huh moment for me. I’d thought it was just bendy and weak … but it was adapting. And straightaway, dots began to connect in my mind. Things I’d done recently that could be seen as weakness, but were actually strengths. Ways I’d had to adapt in my business that some would say were ‘bendy’, but were in actual fact strategies that helped build the foundations of my business and brand. Short-term discomfort for long-term joy. Bliss. Alignment.

So even though this branch had grown away from all the other branches, even though it was a little bit in the way, it was (in it’s own plant-way) using its resourcefulness and resilience to grow towards the light.

No matter how far it had to grow away from its fellow branches (and it had grown very far away), it was adapting.

It was growing towards the light.


Sometimes we mistake true strength as being ‘bendy and weak’

Sometimes we don’t see real adaptability for what it is; having the strength to grow towards the light, always.

Even when you can’t see where the light will fall.

Even if your friends are growing the other way.

Even if you feel a little bit in the way.

Even if someone else thinks you’re being too ‘bendy’.

You get to make a choice, everyday, about where you grow.

You can’t always see or guess what’ll be in your way, or what you’ll have to grow over or around, or get through.

You don’t always know where the sunshine will fall or if it’ll always reach you.

But you can still always choose to grow towards the light.


And really, that’s the best (and sometimes the only) plan.




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