Full Alignment

We have a skylight in our living room that I love… and hate

I love it when I’m lying on the couch and it’s raining outside, and I can hear the rainfall on the glass. I love it when the afternoon sun shines through, or when it’s a grey day and it brings in that much more light into our home. I love it when I walk through the room and I can see the clouds.


I hate it when I want to sit on the couch and watch a show during my lunchbreak, in the middle of the day. Because that’s when the sun comes directly through the skylight, hits the TV, and I can’t see my fave characters.

The intention of the skylight? More light, of course.

And sometimes more light works for me, but sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s a ridiculous problem, I know.

But we all have a version of this that lives out in our mind…

Maybe one part of you believes you’re moving in the direction of your dreams, but another part of you thinks you’re not doing enough.

Or one part of you knows you can make money doing what you love, but another part of you highly doubts it.

Or maybe it’s that one part of you knows you’re worthy exactly as you are, but another part wants to work harder and harder and harder to prove yourself.

The highest intention of these different parts of you is the same, even if, at first glance, they seem to be the complete opposite of each other.

(I didn’t believe this the first time I heard it either, but there’s an incredible NLP technique that I do with my 1:1 and group coaching clients that makes this really clear.)

The point is, if you continue down the road of constantly saying to yourself ‘Well one part of me thinks this, but another part of me thinks that’, then you may simply turn in circles. You’ll move towards the part that feels positive, then you’ll be drawn back to the part that feels negative. (Because remember, both parts think they know what’s best for you.)

There’s another way.


There’s a way to integrate all parts of yourself for full congruence and integration, so that all parts of you are in alignment to help you create more of what you really want.

If that sounds like something you’re ready for, let’s work together.

Here’s to you, doing the things you most want to do.


So much love,



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