Focus on your enoughness

A little while ago, I started to feel trapped by a different kind of comparison

It wasn’t the comparison I used to feel, the feeling of not being enough.

It was a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses-kind-of-comparison, the kind that left me feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.

And I don’t mean that I wasn’t doing enough in my day, or with my time; it was the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough in my life, that I wasn’t working on the right things, or even good enough at the things I was doing.

It was the feeling that I was always just a step behind everyone else, or even a step behind the ideal, potential version of myself.

It was draining and depleting and left me in a swirling-head-rush of overthinking, at every chance my inner critic got to speak up.

It lasted for weeks, and it felt like a parasite, draining me of my enthusiasm, my optimism, and my belief that everything would be okay.

I experienced a few mornings of waking up with pure fear coursing through my veins – terror at this ‘not enoughness’.

And yes, this was after I’d written You Are Enough

This was after I knew I was enough. This was after I knew how to get myself out of the comparison trap, how to elevate my thoughts, align my energy, and believe on every level that I was enough.

This was simply a little ‘slip’ – and what started off as a tiny little niggle that I didn’t soften through enough self-compassion started to build, from a molehill into a mountain, from a niggle to a fear, from a little thought to a daily worry… thoughts that I know I’d have soothed in an instant, had they come from my clients.

Thoughts like But I don’t have enough resources/knowledge/know-how so I’ll never be good enough at this. But I don’t have enough [insert something else here] so I’ll never be good at this. But I don’t have… but I don’t have… But don’t have… 

I was so focused on what I didn’t have, that I’d done two things: fallen into victimhood (which is not my ‘hood at all!) and forgotten to focus on what I did have.

I had to rein it all in. I had to focus on the enoughness; the enoughness of myself, of my business, of my decisions, dreams and choices; the enoughness of my products, offerings, marketing, business vision and brand, and of course, the enoughness of my place in this world.

I had to focus on the enoughness of it all, and so I did.

I focused on my enoughness through my energy, my intentions, and my thoughts. I shifted my energy to focus my heart forwards, my eyes bright and my mind clear, my highest self confirming all of this in those moments I sat in stillness. I zoned in on what mattered, and allowed myself to let go of the thoughts of ‘lack’ by remembering I am enough.

And so are you.

Focus on your enoughness.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or whether it’s in business or life, whether it’s walking your dog, baking cookies, working on a new project, seeing your first (or 50th!) client, tidying your home, applying for a new job, texting your friend, planning a holiday, washing the dishes or building your empire; when you focus on your enoughness, you put your best self forwards, and that’s what we all need right now.

Because you are enough; and the world needs you to believe it.





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