How to find your momentum again



Sometimes it also feels like growth. Power. Energy. Forward movement. Vitality.

When there’s momentum in our lives, things just flow. But, have you ever felt really, really stuck? As if everything you’re doing is having no effect. As if you’re dragging yourself through mud, trying to be upbeat and enthusiastic… but still feeling as though you’re getting nowhere.

Have you ever felt as though you have no momentum at all, no matter what you do? I’ve felt that before, of course, and it wasn’t about fatigue or burnout.

I was stuck on one outcome, and pushing for it… instead of looking to build momentum in other areas and allowing what could flow to me, to simply flow to me.

So while much of the past couple of years has felt very in-alignment for me – there’s been lots of flow and positive momentum, sometimes so much momentum that I had to really take some big leaps to show up more fully in my business and my life – there have also been plenty of moments, days and sometimes even weeks where things have felt a little off little slow, stagnating because of various reasons.

Some of these reasons I’ve been fully aware of (big projects taking up lots of time and creative energy, travel, seasons, my energy, life) and some of the reasons I don’t need to know (because life is a puzzle and we don’t always know what it looks like until we need to know).

I’ve had to really drop my expectations and embrace how beautiful that is.

I know that when momentum flows, it  f l o w s.

And equally, I know the feeling of feeling stuck all too well…

What about if things aren’t feeling easy? What do you then?

Creating flow and momentum in life can feel hard when we’re out of flow and momentum; when we’re not feeling it, everything can feel that little bit harder in life. And on the flip side, when we are feeling it, it’s almost like we barely need to open up to more, and it flows in from everywhere.

Because momentum isn’t a ‘physical’ thing – you can’t order more of it on Amazon, or sit down at your desk and expect it to arrive – when we’re missing it, we wonder how and when it’ll come back to us. We want to ‘force’ the flow to come back to us, and yet, that does the opposite of what we desire.

If you can see where and how you’re not creating or allowing flow and momentum in your life, you’ll find the beauty of how to create it. The obstacle of not having ‘enough’ momentum, becomes the way we create more in our lives.

So if you’ve been feeling stuck, let me tell you – you can create more momentum for yourself.

It might be the momentum you need to quit your job and travel, to leave the relationship or open up to a new one, to start that new project or finish an old one, to get more clients, to build your business, to expand your life in new areas. Sometimes it’s momentum we can’t even explain – we just feel that something needs to get unstuck, that we’re craving a new wave of energy, a surge, to take us forwards.


So… where does momentum come from?

Well, that’s going to depend on how energised you feel, how aligned you feel, how open and expansive your life and business is feeling for you.

Ask someone who feels stuck and unsure if they have momentum, and how to ‘get more’ of it and they may look at you blankly.

Ask the same question to someone who feels like everything is beautifully aligned and flowing, and they may not even know how to answer because momentum and alignment feels so natural to them.

For me, I know that momentum comes when I’m focusing on where there is already momentum in my life. When I get stuck in my head, I’m looking at the smaller picture.

The smaller picture is a little bit stressed out, eyes down and heart closed. The smaller picture is looking for the bigger clues, the clues as to how it can expand.

Yet those clues are found when we look outside ourselves. Those clues, the way forward, is found when you lift your head and heart and look up, look at what you already have in your life, what’s already buzzing, flowing and moving, and align yourself to that.


Are you wanting to create more momentum in your life?

You can begin today, and it comes from your heart, not from overthinking it.

Creating more momentum in your life isn’t about following a list of steps, or checking things of your to do list.

To begin with, you need to move your focus from where you feel stuck, to what’s already flowing in your life.

Check in with yourself; how’s your energy feeling? And I don’t just mean your physical energy – your whole body of energy; energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual too.

When we feel stuck, working with the body through kinesiology is one of my favourite ways to align our energy, thoughts, and intentions, and clear blocks, stress and overwhelm. That’s not just because I’m a kinesiologist, but because I know it works, because I see it and feel it for myself and because I see it and support my clients through it too.

Of course, there are other things we can be doing to open up to new sources of energy and momentum, apart from some of the usual elements you may be including in your life which also create momentum so beautifully, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chakra balancing, reiki, and all the other beautiful healing therapies and modalities you may be engaging in.

Getting unstuck, releasing stagnancy and creating momentum is not just about looking at what you desire and focusing solely on it… It’s also about creating energy in and around that, loving the energy you’re creating, aligning to and making space for new sources of energy to flow in and through you, to letting attachments go, and sometimes… to trying a little bit less.

Less can really be so much more. If you’ve been holding onto something very tightly, and it’s not yet flowing to you, it’s probably time to let it go. This doesn’t mean your intention is changing – you might still want to be aligned to receiving this in your life. But it does mean you’re allowing it to come to you when the time is right.

Holding on doesn’t allow energy flow to you.

So how can you let go? Sometimes the things we want don’t come to us on our timeline, and because we’ve set such rigid goals and outcomes and feel disappointed by it, we create a sense of stuckness.

You can let that go when you stop focusing on where you feel stuck, and start opening to where you already feel expansive in your life.


It might be the smallest moment of appreciation in your day, but momentum attracts momentum, so where can you begin to look for this in your life?


Look outside where you feel stuck

By this I mean, stop focusing on the elephant in the room – whatever you’re feeling stuck and stagnant about – and allow yourself to see the bigger picture, to engage in something else, to shift your focus and attention onto other areas of your life and perhaps even your business.

Where else can you take action that isn’t solely focusing on that one thing you really want? How can you bring a little more energy into your day?

Or another way to look at this; what feels draining in your life right now? How can you engage yourself in the exact opposite of that? When I went through a stage in my business that felt really stuck, I was being drained by comparing myself to others, constantly. In fact, it’s a wonder I got any work done at all.

The only way I could energise myself and my business was to focus on myself and energise my own creativity, supercharge my voice and get myself in front of a different energy and perspective. (If you need some help in energising your business and clearing blocks around growth, success and abundance, I’d love to help.)


Let yourself be stuck

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but maybe (just maybe) you’re trying too hard? Could you simply allow yourself to be where you are, and let go a little more?


Energise your energy to get unstuck

This may be through exercise, movement, a big cupboard clear-out, throwing out stuff you no longer need, tidying your desk, clearing out your wallet, old contacts in your phone, the fridge. Whatever you need to do to create more space and energy in your life, do it.


Look for and create momentum somewhere else

Focus on where there already is momentum in your life. Be grateful for where you can see movement, and focus on that.


Much like looking for momentum elsewhere, notice the abundance you already have in your life.

Listen to this audio by Esther Hicks.

It’s about how to create positive momentum which really asks us to focus on and appreciate where there is momentum in our lives, in order to create more.

There’s nothing like feeling full, abundant and expansive to get your creative juices flowing, and the best way to create more abundance is to feel aligned to the abundance you already have in your life.

When your momentum comes (and it’s coming…) be ready for it to sweep you off your feet.




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