Your puzzle is absolutely beautiful

Do you ever worry too much about what your bigger picture looks like?

I see so many of my clients fretting, stressing, worrying and overwhelming themselves with trying to work out what the bigger picture is, before all their puzzle pieces are ready to be found.

I find one of the best things to do when we’re feeling overwhelmed is to take a really big step back. Yes of course this sometimes feels like the complete opposite of what we should be doing… and that’s exactly when we need it the most.

We had a long weekend recently, so hubby and I packed up the car and drove up the coast for 3 nights and 4 days of the beach, ocean swims, long coastal walks in the national park, whale spotting (!), coffee, big summer salads, balcony chill out time with some rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras (how Aussie can you get?) lazy nothingness, a couple of glasses of red and/or crisp pear cider, reading, resting and then reading some more.

I switched off from social media (apart from a sunset pic or two) from the Internet, from everything but being in the moment, on that weekend, overlooking the ocean, with my hubs. It was so recharging, so energising, so exactly what we both needed. Oh, the happy.

I stepped back, and allowed white space to enter. Lots of space… without plans, rules or expectations. Lots of space for integrating and completing some cycles, lots of space and room for some puzzle pieces to slip into their place while I watched from a few steps away, neither attached nor worried about how they’d fit.

On this weekend away, I could see the bigger picture… certain aspects of my own puzzle that I’d been looking at too closely… and the step back was exactly what I needed to make this true for myself.

Trust. Integration. Completion. Space.

There’s been a lot of change, movement, growth, shifting, transformation and transition this year – have you feel it too? I know so many of my clients have, and I know something else; these transitions make us so much stronger.

They bring out a resilience in us we didn’t know we had until we needed it. They help us rise, and then rise some more, and then grow wings to fly from there.

These transformations ground us and help us leap, all at the same time.

And while we may not be able to see the whole puzzle just yet, know this… your puzzle is absolutely beautiful… and you don’t need to see the whole picture to know this, to trust this, to feel grateful for it.

The truth is… your puzzle is the most perfect, gorgeous puzzle it could ever be, and it’s just yours. Don’t compare yours to anyone else’s. Love the guts out of your puzzle, because it’s yours, and know this; you don’t have to do anything to earn it… you’re already so perfectly worthy.

The whole picture will become clear when it’s ready to become clear, when you step back a little and give it space to integrate, and when the time is right.

The whole picture will become clear when you’re patient enough to let it appear for you, not because of anything else you think you need to be doing.

No forcing. No rushing. Just presence.

Yes to presence. Yes to loving our puzzle. Yes to being patient while our pieces find us. Yes to flow, to transformation, to letting go.

And hey, if you need some support in this, that’s okay too. Lets work together.



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