Do you believe these beliefs?

When you read the following 3 beliefs, notice how you feel:

  • I know that I can create incredible results in my business. (Whatever this means for me.)
  • I know I can inspire my clients to say yes to working with me, as I am today.
  • I deeply believe that I am always able to call in another amazing client.

Do you believe yourself when you read them?

Do you feel an opening in your chest, or a tightening?

Do you start arguing with yourself… or agreeing with yourself?

These are some of the beliefs I’ve been helping my clients work with and through this week.

We do all the energetic congruency work first, and then all the practical, tangible and strategic work second.

(Which is a way easier path to loving your business, loving who you are in your business, and creating amazing results in your business.)

  • I help my clients get specific in their copywriting after they get specific about who they want to work with (and no, I’m not talking about an ideal client avatar… more like an ideal energetic avatar).
  • I help my clients feel aligned with their pricing after they feel aligned with allowing themselves to receive income for their work.
  • I help my clients feel safer to be seen by a bigger audience after they feel safer to be seen by all of themselves.
  • I help my clients create, expand, distil and refine their programs, products and workshops after they work out why they weren’t fully in love with their offer before, so that their work becomes a deep and true extension of their magic and value.
  • I help my clients sign more clients after they make more space and expand their capacity to actually work with more clients.
  • I help my clients give themselves permission to show up in their businesses even on a ‘bad day’ (or when it feels like the entire world is burning), after they create safety within themselves. (I’ve personally been living through this, in the past week or so.)  I do a lot of work with my clients… and it all, always, begins within.

I believe you can change the trajectory of your business, with way less effort than you think.

(It’s often the tiniest energetic shifts that re-route us towards our desires.)

I believe you can let go of years of shame in business (all the coulda, woulda, shoulda thoughts), and all the low-belief baggage it makes you carry… in moments, with me. (I’ve witnessed this in my clients too many times to count.)

I believe that a lot of what you’re already doing is already working, and I promise, when I show you what I mean, you’ll get it.

And then, it’ll activate you to keep going. (Which is how we create more of what we want.)

So… wanna do this with me?   I’d love to work with you, too.

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I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

My work is for you if you’re ready to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

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