You must do the work you love

For the last little while, this has been a post I knew I needed to write

It’s about the fear of judgement; the fear of showing up; the fear of doing what lights you up, without asking anyone else for permission. My work teaches me what I most need to deepen within myself first; this is how I can then teach it.

These lessons come to me as inner blocks to clear; limiting beliefs to shift; guidance that drops in; words I journal; oracle cards I pull.

These lessons come to me to remind me of the importance of the work I teach and embody.

I just finished chatting with a girlfriend about speaking up, showing up, being seen and heard and doing work we love, when I got an email that my interview on Canva had just been published.

This interview is about aligning to your ideal clients and doing the work you love—and it arrived moments after having deep discussions with a friend about the exact same thing.

Coincidence? I think not.

In the past, I’ve had a deep fear of being seen doing the work I love. It was so deep, that I brushed over it for months, maybe even years.

When clients would tell me they felt worried about doing their best work, because of what old school friends/colleagues/family might think or say, I helped them to find their way out of that fear; to know their worth, to trust their path.

I did this because I truly believe that not only are you allowed to do the work you love, but you must do the work you love.

You must light up the world with your work, your power; you must lead the way.

And then one day, I realised I had the same fear; except I wasn’t worried about what old school friends/colleagues/family might think or say; I was worried about who I’d become if I truly stepped into my power.

Because if we are truly in our power, we are unstoppable, aligned, magnetic and expansive; and is that, my ego asked, too good to be true?

It took me months to hear my own response. It came from above, and below, and within; and it said:

You must do the work you love. You must light up the world with your work, your power; you must lead the way.

And finally, truly, deeply, fully, wholeheartedly… I am listening.

I am listening to my own inner voice, my higher guidance, my deepest truth. I am listening to this because if I don’t, who will? That is the deepest truth I had to know. I am listening and honouring and showing up and leading with heart. And maybe you’ll love what I do, and maybe you won’t; either way, we’ll both be okay.

In the past, I held onto a perception that I could only do the work I loved, if I first sought permission from others to stand up and speak up; I thought that I needed ‘important’ people to agree with me, to back me, to think I’m doing the right thing, carving out the right path. I’d forgotten that the most important person, the one who most needs to validate those choices and actions, is me.

In the past, I worried that my creativity would get ‘used up’ or that I’d somehow trap myself if I kept funneling it into the areas that felt most aligned to me; now I know that actually, you block, stifle and trap your creativity when you don’t allow yourself to do what you love.

And when you do what you love?

Your creativity is endless, boundless, limitless.

And so is your power.

Back in 2014, when I first started to shift and pivot away from my work as a clinical naturopath, and into the work that lights me up the most—kinesiology, business alignment coaching, and writing—I wondered… if I backed myself completely, wouldn’t I leave some people behind?

Then I realised: if I didn’t back myself, I’d be leaving myself behind.

I didn’t know how to stand in my power with my work, my message, my vision… and confidently invite people to do the same.

I didn’t realise at the time that the only reason I was worried about what people would think, was because I was worried about what I was thinking. Some of these lessons have come up again for me in the past few weeks; they always do, when I need to deepen them within myself.

Just because we’ve learnt something once, doesn’t mean it won’t come up for us again.

And if it does, you’ll know why; it’s time to level up. It’s time to clear any lingering resistance. It’s time to embody the person you’ll be when this next level—the one that feels justttt out of reach—is the stable, solid, sacred ground on which you stand.

And so I am reminded to share with you that you are enough, that your work is enough, and that you are on the right path for you, because I am re-living and re-learning this for myself.

This is why I teach my philosophy of loving what you create—because you have to love your work, back yourself, and bring that energy to what you’re extending out into the world, first. If you’re ready to stand in your power with your work, your message and your vision, I’d love to invite you into my Love What You Create Workshop.

Give yourself permission to do the work that lights you up And then?

Light (and lead) the way.

We’re ready for you.  





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