There’s always a third option

There’s always a third option

It’s the one you don’t know yet.

It’s the one you haven’t thought of.

It’s the one your friend/boss/partner/higher self hasn’t proposed yet.

It’s the one that’ll come through when other pieces of other puzzles fall/slip/lodge into their place.

There’s another option, solution, answer.

You just (maybe) don’t know it (yet).

The answer will come.

The new option will work. Or it won’t. But there’s another one.

The new solution will be something that makes you whisper to yourself, in awe, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

The answer to that question is simple: you just didn’t need that answer, then.

There is a third option. There always is. And probably a fourth and fifth and sixth.

And when you need to know what the next option is, you will.

Until then…

Trust the energy of the answers here today.




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