A paradox in my biz that I don’t try to ‘fix’

My invitation (AKA sales) pages are both a work in progress that require thought and writing and editing and design work, evolving and changing as my relationship with my business and offer/s change…

… and they are also magical portals that call in amazing humans without me needing the perfect tagline or call-to-action or graphics or colours.

Let me unpack this:

I do the work to become clearer and more specific in how I explain and describe my work, my coaching and programs, and the way my clients will feel—plus what they can create and call in—while working with me e.g. everything I say on my website, invitation pages etc.


I trust that there’s always an element of magic that I can’t put into words, and I know that my clients will *feel* pulled to me and my work, regardless of how specific my copy is or how ‘perfect’ my invitation page is. Resonance. Congruency. Frequency.


Both are true.

If I spent too much time on my copy, I could drain myself and the magic that flows off the page, spiralling into a perfectionist puddle of BLAH WHAT EVEN IS A WORD.

On the flip side, if I only worked with the unseen energy and I didn’t actually use words that people read and understand and can put into their own context and apply to their lives, businesses and current/desired circumstances, and help them feel into and visualise what working with me can support them with, I would miss out on explaining elements that actually need explaining in order for my clients to make informed and best-for-them decisions.

I don’t need perfection for this. Humans usually make decisions based on emotions, said someone on the internet once or twice.

But I do need a little bit of both ‘here’s what it’s like to work with me’ laid out in words, fonts, graphics and colours… and ‘here’s what it’s like to be in my presence’ which radiates out, invisible and potent and as powerful (sometimes, more) than any written sentence could ever be.

I don’t make the copy more important than the energy. (Although my brain likes to try sometimes!)

But I also don’t just rely on someone feeling into my invitation page. I do the work to craft it with love and intention and clarity, no matter how many words are on the page.

I say it as clearly as I can, in this moment and season and breath and capacity… and then I trust the magic.

I always, always trust the magic.

So do both. Use both.

Write words that make sense to you and your people, and then… be the human who makes sense to your people.




P.S. I wrote this post while thinking about—and working on—my mastermind invitation page. It’s a work in progress right now as I make little tweaks for the next evolution of its growth and presence. I do this slowly and/or quickly, depending on the day (or night!) and depending on how much time and space I have, like if the kiddies are home, napping, or out.
I know it’s perfect as is, even in this space before it’s ‘fully finished’ because I energetically declare it is ready now, and that it can call clients in before I open it to edit again. And like magic… it already has. Because when I feel clear on the invitation page, I’m clear on the INVITATION.


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