Your kaleidoscopic gifts are a superpower 

I have judged myself so harshly in the past

As a makeup artist, I used to judge myself for wanting to quit the beauty/advertising makeup industry to follow the nudges to study nutrition and naturopathy, because I thought there was something wrong with quitting… until I realised that by not leaving, I’d only be quitting on myself, and that following my intuition and heart was actually my only next step.

Then I judged myself for working as a makeup artist on weddings, while I grew my naturopathy practice, until I realised it was the most brilliant skill that brought in thousands of dollars when I needed it, and allowed me to not have a weekly part-time job.

As a naturopath, I used to judge myself for not enjoying reading blood test results, until I realized I prefer to read your energy than your blood work… so I leant into my kinesiology nudge and look where that’s taken me.

Then I judged myself for shifting into business coaching, because I’d once heard someone say business coaches are only business coaches because they’ve failed at what they were doing before… until I remembered I was a brilliant, gifted naturopath who thoroughly and deeply helped my clients… and I CHOSE to shift out of pure devotion to my evolution and what lights me up.

Then I judged myself for not being a good enough business coach, until I realised that was simply my brain being a brain, looking for evidence I’d failed, when I could just as easily look for evidence of how I was already, and always, on my path, succeeding right now, and doing the work I was meant to do.

Oh and in between all that, I judged myself for writing personal development books when most of my client work was business focused.

(Gosh, there’s been lots of self-judgment!)

I also used to judge myself for having lots of passions, career twists and turns, pivots and course-corrections, until I realised that my kaleidoscopic gifts are one of my superpowers.

I blend makeup artistry and my love of and reverence for creativity and its magic into my work. In so many ways, that is my work.

(I also still do makeup, and I’m really excellent at it, if I do say so myself. Hello, dewy skin, I see you!)

I blend all my skills as a nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath into my kinesiology and business coaching work. Passionflower for that launch? Rhodiola to support your energy? Withania for extra nourishment on your holiday break? You got it.

There is nothing I’ve done in my career that’s gone to waste. Everything matters. Everything counts.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’ve wasted time doing one thing when you should’ve been doing another.

Your kaleidoscopic gifts are one of your superpowers.

All parts and pieces of your past count.

Don’t exclude or discount the you who did all that work.

You matter, in your entirety; the past version of you who has gotten you here, and the present version of you who’s getting you there.

Own your kaleidoscopic superpower.

You’ve earned it.



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