Your dreams don’t stop when you do

I’m not afraid of hard work

(There’s a difference between ‘hard work’ and ‘working harder’ – I talk about this on the podcast here.)

I’m also not afraid to rest.

To step back.

To stop planning, scheming and mapping.

Because I trust—I know—that my dreams don’t stop when I do.

It doesn’t always have to feel comfortable. Growth rarely does. (And yes, increasing your capacity to SLOW DOWN and rest while you expand *is* growth.)

It doesn’t always have to make sense, or fit some ‘perfect’ timeline you (arbitrarily) created.

But—spoiler alert—when you let it happen, in whatever way, shape or form suits this season of your life right now (*points to sleeping babe on chest*), you open into more.

You open into awareness.

You open into possibility.

You stay on your path, because you’re consciously creating a path that is more sustainable.

You’re not moving away from your dreams and desires when you honour what you need (which isn’t always the same as what you think you want).

In fact, what if slowing down and doing less meant your dreams could actually catch up with you?


Now that’s a thought to chew on while you slowly eat your lunch… away from your computer.



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