You have to plant the seed

Facebook just reminded me that it’s been 7yrs since the very first Love What You Create workshop.

The one I ran in Bondi in a massive room that could have fit 20x as many clients as I had, because I literally couldn’t find another venue and also, it didn’t really matter.

The one I could either run in 2.5 weeks from when I decided to run it, or 9 weeks, and I chose 2.5 weeks because I didn’t want to wait that long.

The one I gifted some tickets to (friends, clients) because I was stressed about numbers. (15 or 16 women in total – I think I gifted at least 5, from memory. No idea why I was stressed – sounds like a great turnout to me!)

The one that then became an Australian workshop tour, which started in Melbourne and ended in Perth, and had me sobbing on my hotel bed after the very first workshop thinking ‘THIS! THIS IS WHAT I’M MEAN TO DO!’ (You may have read that story in Aligned & Unstoppable.)

The one that then became an online workshop which served over 100 clients across so many cities and countries.

The one that then morphed and became part of the book writing process I teach, first in Love What You Create as a mini workshop, then in Hello Book, It’s Me, which I’ve guided my own clients through in group workshops and private workshops and private 6 month containers and taught as a guest coach in other containers.

The one that started off the whole Love What You Create vibe in my biz, which is how my podcast got its name.

And all because one day in 2016 I decided to run a fun little writing and biz and creativity workshop.

Everything is iterative.

Everything starts somewhere.

Everything can grow, but first… you have to plant the seed.





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