Ep 78. When you feel blocked in your biz

Here are some personal practices I take myself through when I’m feeling blocked in my business, or when my business feels blocked.

You can take them, tweak them and then take yourself through them whenever you want to create some more energy and momentum.

No matter what the block feels like, it doesn’t spell the end (although our minds can think this because DRAMA!).

There’s always something to shift, feel, heal, release, move aside or step more fully and deeply into—and not in a ‘you need to fix yourself way—but in a ‘this is lifetime work’ way.

So if this is lifetime work, let’s make it work for us, right?

Let’s do this work together.
We can boost your belief, problem solve something that feels huge in your biz, generate revenue producing programs and workshops, craft a pitch for corporate/wellness events, map out your next few months in biz, or work on whatever is bottle-necking your growth. I’m here if you have any questions.



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