The counterproductive business advice

This might sound like very counterproductive business coaching advice but if you’re wanting to call in more amazing into your biz… stop trying so hard.

You know why?

Think about how you feel when you walk into a store and the shop assistant scoots right over to you, asks you how you are, what you’re looking for, do you need some help? She’s just right here if you need her. You can ask her anything. Okay now she’ll just be right over here… are you still okay? Do you need anything now?!


When you walk into a store and the shop assistant looks up, gives you a wave and says Hi! Let me know if you need anything. And then goes right back to her biz.

Who would you want to buy from?

When I used to work at Mecca, I was an amazing salesperson. I would often meet my target by mid-morning or lunchtime and I credit it with this: I never hovered. I would smile, wave, and let my presence and ability to help be known. I would offer help if it was needed and I also trusted the customers knew I was there (because I’d said hi, let them know I could help and then stepped back and gone back to whatever job I was doing in the store).

By not trying to make a sale, I would make sales. Because I knew the customers would feel if I ‘needed’ the sale and turn away from it. I knew they’d be repelled by the energy I’d have been emitting from that state; too much, too heavy.

(This isn’t the same as making a sale when you’re feeling a bit down, low or emotional etc. This is about releasing your attachment to trying to prove your worth by making a sale.)

So… if you think you’re in ‘hover mode’ I feel ya. I’ve been there. We all have. I’ll probably be there again one day too because BRAINS and also… when we stop trying so hard and show up from an anchored and open state… we call in more amazing clients.

But first… let’s love the parts of yourself who are in ‘hover mode’, they have wisdom for you.

These stressy, provey, please-sign-up-with-me vibes are valid and are to be honoured, not shamed. You’re feeling them because you care deeply about your people and your work, and you want your biz to expand, to soar, to fly.


Know that you can do the inner work to shift yourself out of that state… to become a client magnet, and to sign more clients without having to try so hard.

(Let’s be honest: trying is tiring.)

This is the work we’ll be doing in Show Up & Vibe.

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During our 6 weeks of deep coaching, you’ll stop ‘trying’ to sign clients and start drawing them towards you.

And you won’t even have to try so hard. 




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