Ep 24. Part 1: Create your next level success – A conversation with Annabelle Matson

This podcast episode is an amazing conversation I had with my friend and client, Annabelle Matson, on her podcast, Steep Your Soul, earlier this year.

Part 2 is a reflection of her time in the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind (and includes a story about how she knew she had to be in this container, that gave me goosebumps). It really doesn’t matter in which order you listen to these episodes, but I do highly recommend listening to both!

On this call, we discuss:

  • Our business failures (and what we think about them now
  • Defining success for yourself in this season of your life (especially after children
  • Why it’s so important how you feel about yourself as you work towards the success you’re wanting
  • Achieving what you want without the energy of hustle
  • Letting go of the ‘right’ next steps in business or life (and what to do instead)
  • And so much more…

Tune in and let us know what you think. You’ll find Annabelle at @annabellematson on Instagram, and here’s her website.

And if you’d love to mastermind with me, you can learn more and apply here. Applications close 30 Aug and we begin 1 Sept.



Show Notes:

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