Belief work makes the dream work

If you had an hour to work on your biz and you spent 50mins on belief and energy work and letting it all land…  

… and 10mins on strategy and action… you’d change your biz, and charge the frequency of the air around you with potency, power and possibility.

Your best-fit clients—those beautiful humans who are in your orbit, and the ones who don’t know you yet—will feel that.

This is why clients sign up ‘out of the blue’; why clients say ‘I’m so glad I found you’; and why sometimes it can seem like you’re doing very little in the way of action, and yet it’s all flowing for you.

The opposite is true too; when you start to spin your wheels in over-action, overwhelm and overthinking… and yet it feels like nothing is happening, the tendency can be to do even more.

More! Just work harder! Do more of the things! No I mean like, ALL OF THE THINGS!

(Or maybe it’s because it feels like nothing is happening that the busyness kicks in.)

Doing more doesn’t create space for more clients, demand for your work, or belief in yourself; especially when the basis of ‘more’ stems from scarcity, fear and self-doubt.

You can’t action your way to belief… (ummm unless that action is doing belief + energy work ).

This is why my focus has always been on the energetics of business; the way energy and emotions impact and influence us, our thoughts and beliefs, our confidence and our relationship with ourselves, our businesses, our offers, our clients, and our income.

It’s why belief + energy work is the basis of my mastermind.

Inside the mastermind, you’ll find concepts, tools and resources that support your belief change work and energy alchemy between our live coaching calls, so you’ll always have somewhere to go, and something to do (that often has nothing to do with taking more action), to bring you back home to yourself and your business, and root you more deeply in the highest vision you’re holding within. 🙌🏻

We activate possibility and prepare your body and your business for what’s next, while anchoring into what’s here, and healing what’s been.

Oh and then we call in what’s next too.

(What is energetic prep work for if not to actually receive what you most desire to call in?)* 

* Or something better. (You know it!)

Ready for all of this and more?

Mastermind with me.

We start 1 Sept with a supercharged online business retreat to activate your biggest business vision and set you up for our 6 months together. It’s pure magic.

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I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

My work is for you if you’re ready to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

Your biz has your back

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