Navigating pricing discomfort

Since so many of our pricing decisions in our biz come down to our emotions and feelings about money, and emotions and feelings are known to shift, sway, ebb, flow and change…

… it makes sense that your thoughts about your pricing will also shift, sway, ebb, flow and change.
Sometimes in the same day.
You wake up and think ‘My pricing is amazing! I love it. I feel so aligned with this. Great!’
And then by lunchtime it’s like ‘Hmm, is this too expensive? Maybe I should…’
And then you have a little afternoon snack and start thinking ‘Omg the value in this offering is INSANE, it’s 100% the best price.’
But then you make dinner and think ‘So then… should I raise it more?!’
And as you fall asleep you think to yourself, ’Nope, it feels good as it is. This is the perfect price for me for right now.’
But in between all that, there can be doubt, shame, judgment, comparison or perfectionism swirled through.
Here’s my take:

If your thoughts about your pricing wavers, this isn’t a problem.

Committing to one price and being here with love is one option. (Even when thoughts come and go.) Coaching yourself (or getting coached) to stay at your price and expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive at that price is included in the deal.
Choosing to raise/lower it and being there with love is another option. Giving yourself permission to raise/lower it is how it starts. And then coaching yourself (or getting coached) to raise/lower it, and expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive at that price is what comes next.
Either way, you:
  • Choose your price.
  • Coach yourself/get coached (or both!) to receive at this price with love (without actually making it have anything to do with your innate worth as a human being).
  • Allow yourself to be here (whatever the price!) through any discomfort that arises until it feels comfortable, and like a genuine ‘no brainer’ as in… your brain doesn’t freak out when you communicate your pricing to yourself and/or clients.

The thing is, there can be discomfort at all price points, regardless of the actual number.

There’s the discomfort of resentment at a price that feels too ‘low.’
There’s the discomfort of the thought of ‘I’m not growing’ or of actually allowing yourself to receive with ease… (and/or becoming fully booked) and not running away from it, when the price is just ‘right’.
And then there’s the discomfort of nervous system stretching and capacity expansion at a price that feels a little ‘high’.
Whatever price you choose… give yourself time to be there with love.
Choose to lovingly move yourself through the sticky parts, and allow yourself to find the comfort in your pricing which does exist, on the other side of the discomfort (which I believe at some point, will exist no matter the actual number).
And know that discomfort with pricing is not a you problem. There is nothing wrong with you for wondering if this is ‘worth it’. You’re not doing it wrong if it sometimes feels hard to receive (or to receive without working harder).
This has been packed into our DNA through generational stress and trauma, through societal conditioning, through a thousand unsaid things.
So go slowly… be gentle with yourself, and let yourself choose a price that feels like an easy yes for you first, before you think thoughts about your clients thoughts about your price.
You go first. You choose your price. You choose to stay here, and let ‘stretchy’ become ‘safe’ OR consciously choose to not stretch for a minute… if that feels safer for now.
There’s no right or wrong, and it’s your business and your choice. 




P.S. For more on this, check out episode 55 on the Love What You Create podcast for why, when and how to to raise your prices.


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