Ep 23. How to make and communicate changes in your business

I always say ‘It’s your business and your choice’ so what happens when you want to make a change in your business, and how do you communicate this?

And… what happens when you know a change is coming but the details haven’t landed yet?

Sometimes it’s about making the decision to make the decision.

And sometimes it’s about letting go of the need to know.

You can’t force an answer, information or response to land in your body.

You can either fight not having it or sit in it, and surrender to the ‘not knowing’, trusting the answer will come when you’re ready… and that when you’re ready, the changes will be so easy to implement.

When the answer drops in, it’ll feel so spacious and you’ll be so ready to tell your people about it.

That’s when communicating the changes clearly and confidently is key.

Tune in to this episode where I’ll share how you can more easily make changes in your business, and then communicate them with confidence.

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