This affects your business

‘It always rains when I go to the hairdresser.’ 

– My brain while driving in the rain to get a blow dry.Here’s how this kind of thinking affects your business…

What you think and believe in your business (about yourself, your clients, your offers/programs, your ability to show up, make money etc.) affects the evidence you see and stack. 

So if you think to yourself: 

  • It’s always so hard for me to find new clients 
  • I never make the money I want to make 
  • No one really knows or cares about my work 
  • It’s going to take me so long to get to where I want to be 
  • Nothing I do really works
  • My clients are okay, I guess  

Then this is what you’ll look for—and find—evidence of: 

  • It being really hard to ‘find’ new clients
  • Never feeling like you’ve made enough money
  • Not caring about your work because you think others don’t
  • Sitting in impatience while try harder, harder and harder
  • Seeing everything through a ‘this isn’t working, something must be wrong, I must be wrong’ lens
  • Not loving your clients or seeing them in their highest potential  

And if those thoughts feel true to you, your business won’t feel like a very nice place to be, for you or your clients. 

Belief work doesn’t gaslight you into thinking thoughts that don’t seem accessible, real or true to you.

Belief work opens the floodgates to possibility because it sets you up to know that you get to choose how you think and feel, and this radiates out in your biz.

We don’t even always start with your thoughts. Sometimes—often—we go straight to your body.

What are you feeling, and how is this protecting you from something you don’t want to experience?

How can we shift that experience by processing the discomfort and then consciously choose another feeling, thought or state to step into?

You can choose to think, believe, embody and act upon—and activate—the energy of: 

  • New clients are always in my orbit; there’s always someone talking themselves into working with me and all I need to do is keep showing up for them 
  • I’m becoming a steward for more and more money to flow through me 
  • My work is so valuable because I am so valuable, and this is true every time I speak up in my business 
  • Where I am right now is enough, and I honour the part of myself who loves growing and evolving. I’m in no rush, because this is what I’m meant to be doing 
  • What I’m doing is working, I can feel it in my cells, and in the air around me
  • My clients are the most incredible humans, and while I need nothing from them, I also love calling them into my business and supporting them so deeply

Believing just a tiny bit more today than you did yesterday, and then just a tiny bit more tomorrow than you do today can shift mountains, heal your timeline, infuse joy and lightness back into your business… and open the floodgates. 

And this… this changes everything.  



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