Ep 22. The space before your next evolution

There is always a space before your next evolution.

A space in between where you are, and where you want to be. A space in between the intention you’ve named and claimed, and the result being made manifest (or something better). A space in between the clients you want to call in, and their names filling up your calendar. A space between the clarity you are craving, and the next project coming through you. A space in between the discomfort you’re processing at sitting where you are, and the joy you know will rush in once you’ve stopped fighting or resisting what needs to move through you.

Resisting this space looks like trying to force a process with your mind, rather than letting your body guide you.

Resisting this moment where your next level feels suspended in time, resisting this breath, this uncertainty, looks like trying to rush into the unknown because rushing feels safer than presence, patience and pausing.

Filling the gap with more ‘doing’, so that you can never tell yourself you’re leaving yourself behind.

But what if letting yourself be rocked and swayed by uncertainty is what guides you back to possibility?

Tune in to this episode where I’ll share how you can move through this space with more grace, plus I offer up three powerful questions that you can answer to shift your perspective, energy and momentum.


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