When you can’t create, do this

Sometimes, we (think we) can’t create

Sometimes we sit down to make something, and nothing comes out.

Sometimes nothing comes out because we’re tired, or overthinking, or worried, or feeling small, or listening to the stories we’ve made up about ourselves, our work, our path and our place in life.

Usually, this doesn’t feel too great.

But there’s a remedy.

The remedy is to stop trying to make something, and trust that you’re actually always able to create, when you take the force, stress and rush out of the practice.

When you feel like you can’t create, do this instead:

  • Make a really big mug of tea and find a spot of sunshine to sit in. Breathe. Sip. Breathe again.
  • Stop brainstorming (gasp!), planning (what!?) and strategising (nooo!). Go for a walk outside, or have a nap, or even fold the laundry. Create some white space for your very clever mind to do the work in the background. You’ll be so pleasantly surprised by what drops in when you stop trying.
  • Step into the kitchen and cook something delicious for yourself and/or for someone you love. Bake brownies (with extra chocolate). Chop up veggies for the week. Find a new recipe to try for dinner. Turn your creative energy to another task and take the pressure off yourself.
  • Pull out some pens and paper and just… draw. Make nothing, for fun, and with love.
  • Ask for guidance and support from wherever you usually do. For me, it’s the universe, my guides and angels, the earth, and my very own body. As an example: I might simply say to my guides ‘I’m working on chapter 3, and I’m feeling really, really stuck. Please help! Let me know when it’s ready, okay? Thank you. I love you.’ And then… when I least expect it (moments, days or sometimes weeks later), chapter 3 will drop in. It’ll come in full paragraphs, or dot points, or short sentences, or I’ll experience something that I know is meant for that chapter. Or perhaps a memory resurfaces and I know I need to write about it. And then? I thank my guides, open my laptop, and start writing.
  • Invest your creative energy into your beloved every day activities: your yoga practice, daily walks with your dog, ocean swims, FaceTime chats with friends or family, making the bed, watering your plants, drinking your morning coffee. Pour your energy into something that you know brings you joy.
  • Write in your journal. Write about what’s stopping you from creating, and what’s pulling you to create. Write about what would happen if you never created anything ever again. And then what would happen if you let yourself create everything and anything your heart desired? What would happen if you leaned into the latter? See and feel the difference in your energy, thoughts and body.
  • Pretend you’re creating this only for yourself or for your dearest friend. Does it feel simpler now? Easier? Do you feel closer to it? Create from this space.⁠⠀

When you’re ready, you’ll be able to create again

You’ll create something you love, and you’ll do it because you want to, not because you think you have to.

You’ll do it with joy, in flow, and from a space of trust.

You’ll know you are abundantly supported by the creative energies that flow through you, wash over you and can carry you far further than you could’ve ever imagined (if you’ll simply allow it).

And if you need some help to tap into that?

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So much love,


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