Make some tea (like… a sticky chai on oat milk) and dive in.

Express Expansion

Kinesiology balancing for calmer biz growth.

Join me for a mini 3-part energy balancing series to help you call in more clients, more ease, and your next level.

Momentum Workbook

Call in more amazing clients with focused inner work to clarify and amplify your energy, offers, and capacity.

This detailed, beautiful workbook will help you find your flow with your work again, clear away the stress of slow periods without making them mean anything about you or your biz, and help you become more focused, purposeful and intentional with your actions, to invite more clients in.

Download Your Divine Business Plan

I don’t believe in business plans, in the traditional sense at least.

Instead, I believe in trusting the energy of your beautiful business and your own intuitive knowledge… and downloading your Divine Business Plan.

Join me for this workshop and you’ll feel so much more confident about how to communicate with your business and receive the guidance, insight and instructions on your next step, as well as how to navigate the space before the next next step too.

Simple Ways to Step into Your Power

A free masterclass to help you step back into wholeness.

Tune into this free masterclass to help you feel less reactive and more confident, allowing yourself more energy, mental space and clarity to create more of what you really want.

Plus, I take you through a collective kinesiology energy balance to bring you back to your centre.

Balance Podcast Freebies

An ebook plus workshop to support your energy alignment.

My podcast co-host, Kate Kahl, and I have created a gorgeous ebook that houses all of the goals, remedies and readings from each episode, plus we’re offering you the video replay of episode 9, which was our final (for now!) episode of this season.

We can’t wait to share these bonus resources with you.

Let’s work together to help you build a life and biz that’s deeply aligned with who you are. 

SYD WORKSHOP: Spend a day writing your way to your next biz/work levelBOOK YOUR SPOT