Ep 91. UNSTOPPABLE Clients: Owning Your Decision & Success without Social Media with Jade Harman

Welcome to the third interview in the Unstoppable Clients series, where I chat with my lovely mastermind clients about their businesses, and their shifts and experience in the mastermind.

Meet Jade Harman, a nutritionist who works with women for sustainable and positive weight loss, and with parents to help them feed their young children with less stress.

In this conversation, you’ll hear about:

  • How planning her business with the mastermind’s framework has not only changed her business, but her life.
  • How one of her favourite mastermind tools completely shifted her next steps and made the process of creating her next specific goal, so much easier and in her words was ‘game-changing’.
  • How taking ownership of how she wants to run her business without using social media has been so freeing.
  • How she’s now so much more confident in changing her mind.
  • The incredible projects and programs she’s been working on, and the successes she’s created in expanding a speaking/workshops arm to her business.
  • And so much more…
You’ll find Jade’s website (plus her programs and podcast) here, and even though she’s not on socials that much, check out her Instagram here.
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Show Notes:

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