How to release overwhelm and start trusting

Sometimes, overthinking can get the better of us

Sometimes it can make us feel like we’re going crazy, when really, we also think we’re just doing our best to understand the situation we’re in or to prepare ourselves for what’s to come.

Sometimes we think that overthinking is helping us, but as someone who often overthinks things, I’ve been thinking about this… (ha! That was a joke) and to me, overthinking often feels like the opposite of trust.

By default, this must mean that when we trust more, we overthink less… right?

Yes, if we can allow ourselves to lean into trust.

But no… if we try to push down the overthinking, supressing it and ignoring it instead.

Overthinking can look like… so much thinking! For no progress or gain

It can look like making up stories about what might happen before you’ve given anything a chance to actually happen

It might look like trying to control the outcome of all the things, all the time.

It often leaves you feeling stressed when you realise you can’t control anything except, maybe, what you have for breakfast (except like last week when I thought we had some peanut butter left but then realised we’d run out… after I’d made my toast!).

It can look like telling those around you that you’re not worried, but asking them to rehash possible scenarios with you, or brainstorming all the ways things could go well, or not well, and talking about everything until everyone is blue in the face except for you… because you could definitely keep talking about your overthinking-ness.

And it very often leaves you feeling tired, exhausted and drained but pushing yourself to do more, in the hopes that being more organised will help you think less.

When you overthink, it’s often because you’re worrying about every single possible scenario, and even the not-possible scenarios.

To try to force yourself to stop though, can sometimes feel like pushing through something, like sitting in the depths of it, hoping to see the light of it.

I don’t find overthinking is helpful, even though it’s sometimes where my brain goes. So, I find the best way to come out of an overthinking period is to stop using your head.

To stop using your head, you can finally (freely!) breathe… breathe through your lungs, your heart, your hopes, and breathe out your fear, your pain, your worry.

To stop using your head, you can finally see that worrying doesn’t matter. People say it all the time, but when we’re ‘stuck’ in our heads about something, hearing that it doesn’t matter, doesn’t help.

Until… you make the decision yourself.

When you make the decision to stop worrying, you will breathe easier. I know this, because I’ve had to do this myself, often.

When you make the decision to stop worrying, you trust that you are enough, that you know enough, and that you really do have everything you need, right now.

I’ve learnt – time and time again – that the best thing to do when you find yourself overthinking, is to do the opposite of what your mind-chatter is telling you to do.

If your mind is telling you to keep thinking – to stay in your head – then the opposite is… get out of your head, get into your body, this is where your answers are.

Your answers are in your body.

Your mind chatter is in your head.

Come back into your body now. Take a deep breath in and out.

Ask your body what it needs, what it’s trying to tell you.

And then?



No chatter. No overthinking.

Just real and pure and true answers.


A few other things that might help you:

Do you have any tried-n-true methods or practices that help you tune out overthinking and tune into trust? Let me know in the comments below.




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