The power of standing in your power

There is power in standing in our power

When we compare ourselves to others, we trick ourselves into thinking we aren’t capable of achieving our goals or reaching our dreams, because we make whatever it is we want feel even further away.

On the (beautiful) flip side, when we stand in our power — and when we fully own our gifts — we can not only trust more fully in the timing of our lives, but we can simply, easily and beautifully remember that we are (more than!) capable of creating what we desire; that what we see and desire is triggering this calling, this longing, this pulling in us… but that doesn’t mean we’re moving away from it.

It means we’re moving towards it.

So by all means, dream.

By all means, see what you want to create in your life.

And by all means, desire it, deeply and fully and completely.

But don’t sell yourself short by telling yourself that you’ll never have it, that it’ll take so long, that you aren’t capable of doing it anyway.

Don’t fill your head with stories about a timing, a schedule, a deadline that doesn’t exist.

Don’t allow yourself to leak your precious energy, feeling it getting lost in thoughts and doubts and worries and stories.

Take a few deep breaths in and out. Ground yourself. Come back from your zooming into the future.

Call your energy back to you. Call it back.

Get back into your power, here and now, strong and firm, powerful and capable.

There is so much power in standing in your power.

You can simply, easily and beautifully remind yourself that you are capable of creating what you desire.

(You probably just did, amirite?)

Keep this reminder close to your heart, your head and your dreams.

Wear it and live and sing it to yourself, and remember that you can create your dreams, you can reach your goals, you are more than capable… and you are enough.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of your week.

I hope you remember that you are enough.

I hope you can trust the timing of your life, because you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.




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