Celebrating 50 podcast episodes

Just recorded my 50th podcast episode in less than a year.

(Next month is the podcast’s first birthday!)

Bit chuffed. V proud. Honouring the me who started it with a toddler at my feet and a baby on my hip (literally… I recorded the intro with 6mo Jesse on my hip, standing in my office because he’d just woken from a nap and I was on a roll).

Love that it reaches you in ways and places I may never know about. Love when you tell me where you are when you’re tuning in too. Trusting it’s always landing for you, when and how and why you need it most.

Treating each episode as if it’s worth its weight in gold, no matter how long it is or much or little (usually, little) prep I’ve done; whether I um or ah or you can hear a leaf-blower in the background.

Love that I made the graphic in Canva myself. Love that I’m still editing it myself because it’s light and easy on my system. This will change when it stops feeling light and easy on my system. For now, light! Easy! 

Loving that I’ve published at least one episode almost every single week for a week (sometimes more than one, sometimes less — none of this ever being a problem to solve).

Love that I’ve never felt like I’ve run out of something to say and I have so much more to say and I know I always will.

Love that I made this, for me, and for you.

Love that you’re here.

Thank you.  



P.S. Tune in to every episode ever, here. 


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