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How to stop second-guessing yourself

A little while ago, one of my lovely clients asked me a question…

… and I was so inspired by her self-inquiry that I asked her permission to share her question, and my answer, with you here

Here’s what she asked:

When I drop into my heart space, or get spirit centred, or leave space for God (Universe) to direct my path and trust in something greater, my mind sometimes gets way too analytical in that it judges this. It second guesses my beliefs in a higher order, higher power, and wants to find validation externally, instead of trusting the feeling inside.

I’ve always just believed in this stuff, because I know I have a soul and a spirit, and I grew up believing this without any need for ‘information’, but now that I’m really working with this space, it’s like my curious, legal-eagle mind wants facts!

In our information-overload world, it seems harder to just accept how you feel without seeking some external validation, and when I do look into all the info out there (books, etc), I just get more confused and less centred in my own intuition.

Do you have any recommendations for just trusting feelings, and trusting a belief in a greater power, when our clever minds want to ask a million questions and want to doubt this belief?


Here’s how I answered her question:

I completely understand where you’re coming from. It can feel very overwhelming sometimes, as there is so much information *out there* that sometimes it clouds how we feel, connect to and relate to ourselves *in here*. 

My first (and biggest!) recommendation might sound simple, but it can affect the most amount of change. It’s to meditate. When you can sit with yourself and meditate on this, you will find that well of trust inside of you, and above you, and below you. You’ll be able to stop *thinking* about what you’re feeling or thinking and just feel it and know it instead. 

As you say, our minds are clever, indeed … but our connection to guidance is even higher than that. The doubt is normal too, yet it’s also too realistic. It wants proof and evidence, now. Trusting in a higher power is invisible, most of the time. It also requires bravery. As Todd Henry says, “People who choose bravery are building toward something they can’t see yet.” 

This quote is pinned up on the wall behind my computer so I see it everyday, and everyday I’m called to trust, trust, trust. Trust that I’m on the right path even if I don’t know where it’s leading, or how I’ll get there, or when I’ll arrive. The same can be true for you. You can trust your path even if you don’t know where it’s leading, or how you’ll get there, or when you’ll arrive.  

Let yourself arrive now.

Let yourself be all here, now. 

Let yourself sit and meditate, and journal, and be still. It’s oft said and that’s because it’s real; in the silence and the stillness, you will find yourself, and your reserve of trust.

Even if you must peer through something that feels icky or uncomfortable or unknown within yourself.

Keep peering.

Keep aligning yourself to trust.

Keep showing up for yourself. 

You can’t let yourself down if you’re always there for yourself.



How do you keep trusting, even if it feels hard sometimes?

For me, I look to meditation, kinesiology and energetic healing, journaling or automatic writing, and oracle cards, and being reminded of the joy in life by spending time with those I love, laughing, being light and silly, and spending time in nature.

There’s no “one way” to trust yourself and your intuition; there are many.

There’s also no “wrong way” to trust yourself and your intuition.

And while it may sometimes feel hard, it’s always necessary as it keeps us connected to ourselves, aligned to our purpose, and on our path (even if we don’t know where it’s leading us, or how we’ll get there, or when we’ll arrive).




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